Below are some of the more common tax returns that we work on:

  • Schedule A Itemized Deductions
  • Schedule B Interest Income
  • Schedule C Businesses
  • Schedule D Capital Transactions
  • Schedule E Rental Properties
  • Schedule F Farming Activities
  • International Forms 5471 & 5472
  • PA Local
  • All States


Types of business income tax returns that we prepare:

  • 1065 Partnership, LLC, LLP
  • 1120 C Corporation
  • 1120S S Corporation
  • 1040 Individual Schedule C
  • 1040 Individual Schedule F
  • 1041 Estate and Trusts
  • 990 Non Profit
  • Maryland Personal Property
  • State Sales Tax
  • PA Gas Tax Credits


Software that we work with:

  • Quickbooks (all versions)
  • Centerpoint Accounting for Agriculture
  • Quicken
  • Microsoft Excel

The services we provide are:

  • Full service data entry into Quickbooks
  • Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Review of your finances (all software)
  • Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Clean Up of your finances (all software)


We are here to address your individual and business financial needs.  Examples of some consulting engagements we have done are:

  • Entity Selection
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Financing
  • Business Purchases
  • Market Forecasting


Full Service Payroll

  • We register your business (if necessary)
  • We prepare checkstubs for the employee
  • Monthly or Quarterly federal, state and local tax deposits
  • Annual W-2's

Quarterly Filing

  • We file the required federal, state and local forms
  • We submit the required deposits
  • Annual W-2's


Our goal is to ensure that you get great service and a solution that meets your needs.  Honesty is a core component of our business.  If we don't know the answer or feel comfortable with something, we likely know another skilled and trust worthy advisor who can help.

BOTTOM LINE:  We are successful if you are successful.